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VFW Post 1534 is operated solely on donations made by the members of its community. Please help by making a generous donation to VFW Post 1534. Our programs support our service members long after they return. Your tax-deductible donation will be immediately directed where your support is most urgently needed. Thank you.


VFW Post 1534 has a PayPal Account used strictly for receiving Donations.

The Donations will be used to maintain the VFW Post 1534 building and to support VFW Community Activities like:

- Scholarship Funds

-Veterans Needs Funds

-Veterans Family Funds

Plus, your generous Donation will help us help Veterans through a vast array of other VFW Post 1534 activities which will keep the Post open for our Veterans.

Your Donation means more than you know. Any amount is helpful for us to move forward together. We appreciate your support.

All Donations are tax deductible, and a tax deductible letter from VFW Post 1534 is available. Also, saving a copy of the PayPal receipt can be used as proof for tax reporting purposes with any donation made.

When you Donate more than $500 to VFW Post 1534 you will be invited to the Post's annual end-of-year award banquet where donors will be honored and recognized for the contributions they've made. We appreciate you and everything you do for Post 1534.

We realize it's the relationships we've established within the community that keep us moving forward; they keep the Post open, and they help when things at the Post break down. We cherish those relationships and want them to grow. We hope you will grow with us because there's so very much we can do together. Our future depends upon you and the Donations you make.

Help us support Veterans in need.  Be a part of the VFW Post 1534 family.

Thank you very much for your Donations.

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Simply click on the word "DONATE" to make your donation.  You will be directed to the "VFW Post 1534 Secure PayPal Account" created and used strictly for donations.  We appreciate your generosity to help us help Veterans.  Thank you.  

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